FAQ's for Release.Me at Officer Fields

We are excited to be using Release.Me for our next release at Officer Fields. We have put together a short video explaining how the new process works, as well as some FAQs below.


CLICK HERE to view the Release.Me Process Overview video


Release.Me Frequently Asked Questions


What are the benefits of Release.Me?

Release.Me provides purchasers with a fair and equal chance to secure their desired lot.

You can review the available lots and consider your own requirements, placing lots of interest in order of preference. This means, no lining up, no sitting by a computer to register for tickets. Instead, Release.Me gives you the time to decide which lots you want to include, from the comfort of your home!

When the submission period ends, you will be quickly notified of the outcome and provided with clear instructions for securing the allocated lot if your submission is successful.


How does the lot allocation work?
Release.Me takes all applicant preferences into consideration before using an algorithm to randomly allocate the lots based on these preferences.

Where multiple preferences exist on the same lot, the random allocation gives every purchaser the same equal chance of being selected. Submitting more preferences does not impact your chance of securing a higher preference lot, but you won’t be allocated a lot you don’t put a preference against, so purchasers should submit preferences on any lots that they would be happy to purchase.


Do I need to put a preference number next to every available lot?
No! Leave any lots that you are not interested in blank.


Does it matter what time of day I submit my preferences?
No, as long as you remember to submit your preferences whilst the selection window is open.


Can I submit my preferences now?

No. You can only submit your preferences during the allocated 24-hour submission period. If you do not receive the email by 10.45am on the scheduled release date, please check your junk folder. If you still cannot find it, please contact us on 0419 695 816 to request the link be re-sent.


Can I still reserve a lot in person at the sales office on the release date?
No, submissions must be done online, and our sales team is not able to hold or reserve any lots for purchasers. All purchasers can be assured they have the same chance as others via this process.


If I have been allocated a lot, what next?
You will receive an email with instructions. Please read these carefully, as you will only have 24 hours to complete the required actions. In that time, you must accept your allocation, pay your holding deposit, submit your particulars for the contract and book an appointment to sign the contract.


What happens if a lot is not sold at release?
Following the release process, any remaining lots will be available via the sales office with the payment of a holding deposit.

If your question is not answered above, please reach out to our Sales Team on 0419 695 816 for more assistance ahead of the release at Officer Fields.


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