Why You Should Consider Buying a Townhouse


1. An affordable housing option

While there is no doubt that there are many attractive house and land packages available to suit all lifestyles and budgets, once you begin to add in the upgrades and extras you want, you may find your ideal package exceeding your budget.

While house and land packages generally come with a standard range of inclusions, such as kitchen appliances, basic flooring and fittings, some interior and exterior elements such as driveways, landscaping, fencing are often not a standard inclusion and are an extra expense you need to incur prior to moving into your new home.

Townhouses usually offer a complete turnkey solution. Buying a turnkey townhouse literally means that once the townhouse is completed, you can turn the key in the front door and start living there straight away, with no further work required.

For a Hickory at Officer Fields turnkey townhouse, this means that all your fencing, landscaping, paving, letterbox and even your clothesline are installed prior to you moving in!

2. Convenient

Instead of worrying about buying a parcel of land and then finding a builder and managing that settlement and build process, a fixed price townhouse means that the property developer and builder work together to take care of both steps for you. This can be particularly comforting for First Home Buyers who are new to the property market.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own touches!  Townhouse builders also provide some custom features that you can add as part of your upgrades, whether you need more storage, another bedroom or different floor coverings. You can easily work with the builder to ensure your Townhouse suits you!



3. Low-Maintenance living

Do you despise pulling weeds, trimming shrubs, and cutting grass? One of the great things about owning a townhouse is that you typically get some yard in the front and back, but it’s not so large that you’ll spend your entire weekend maintaining it!

Due to their smaller size, Townhouses can also be less costly and less timely to maintain. You will spend less time cleaning & more time enjoying the things that are important to you. And with the inclusion of an outdoor courtyard,  you can still entertain, have a small garden to tend to or provide the kids with a secure space to play.

4. The Body Corp fees myth

There are many townhouses these days, including Hickory Townhouses at Officer Fields, that offer no body corporate, which makes townhouses an attractive option to consider.

5. A place for downsizing

When your children have left home, downsizing makes a lot of sense. Townhouses are an ideal alternative when you are ready for something a bit smaller, as you can still have plenty of living space and spare guest rooms, but with minimal maintenance. This suits a lot of people as they approach retirement and want to spend more time away from home travelling.

6. Versatile split-level design

The split-level design separates the main living area from the bedrooms and bathrooms, which creates a sense of extra space and versatility. This means that if someone is sleeping upstairs they won’t be disturbed by what’s happening downstairs – a big plus for shift workers and anyone who’s a light sleeper. And for families, a townhouse allows you to entertain or relax in the living area downstairs while the kids play upstairs.


Have any questions about townhouses or the buying process? Feel free to contact our friendly Officer Fields Sales Team.


Image credit: SOHO Living


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